Thursday, March 13, 2008

Campfire Growl Got "Sticky"

Sometimes, when two other people are conversing in campfire, I tend to watch the little growl bubbles fly by and not give them much attention. Then, when they ask for my input, I'll usually keep going on about my day, without even noticing.

This is part of the reason why my Adium chat logs are full of messages like: "Hey Tim, you get my CF message"?

Not DRY.

So, a new feature was born. Growl at everything and "stick" when your name was said (meaning, show the growl message FOREVER... or at least until you click it). Having it growl only when your name is said is still an option.

To upgrade: uninstall the script (In the Menu: "UserScripts" -> "Manage Userscripts" -> Select Script -> "Uninstall this Script"). Repeat the install instructions again. Or, get fancy, if you have the fancy smarts.

Here's the script. Enjoy!

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