Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Git installer for MacOSX Leopard (intel only)

We've switched to git almost entirely. After running into some rather painful overhead with getting everyone on Git (especially our designers, who generally don't have Developer Tools installed already), I set out to create an installer. Here are the fruits of that endeavor:

Download Git for OS X

It's worked well on several Leopard machines. It ships with it's dependencies, and will handle updating your environment variables in ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist, ~/.profile, and ~/.bash_profile for you. Isn't that nice? Everything is installed cleanly into the directory /usr/local/git, so removal is easy. See, git is your friend now.

If you've got another installation of Git, you may want to remove it first before switching over to the package distribution

Want to build your own package for Git and OSX? Head on over here, for the source and instructions used to create the package.

Update: The original release was 40MB and took up 85MB of hard disk space! After some optimization tips from Pieter and Johannes Schindelin, it's now weighing in at 3.2MB download, ~8MB installation size. Much better!


gtcaz said...

Ah, this is Intel only. Looks like I'll head over the the Google Code site and try to build the PowerPC version. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I want to change to git but there is already an old version installed, but not in usr/local/git but in usr/local/bin. It's version, installed on OS X 10.6
Now I want to remove this one first, before making a new install of the latest version. But if I delete all git-files in usr/local/bin and in and manpaths.d there must be still left, because terminal is still looking for git in usr/local/bin.
How do get git completely removed?

Tim Harper said...

There should be instructions in the disk image

Anonymous said...

Thank you, but I don't find help there.
The readme.txt on disk image for Git- tells me, that git is installed in usr/local/git, but it isn't.
I don't know how I installed it in /bin ...

Is it right that I have to change something in a plist to tell the system that git is at a different location?
Sorry, I'm not very good in that.