Monday, March 10, 2008

Git Textmate Bundle 1.1.1 released

After being in the forge for quite some time, the Git textmate bundle version 1.1.1 (and 1.1.0) has been released out of the shoots

This release includes several bugfixes and updates to make it more compatible with Git (the current latest version of git). Backwards compatibility for Git 1.5.3.x has been maintained.

The code has been completely reorganized into a mini-mvc templating framework, with a JavaScript library making it easy interact with the controllers and do some Ajax-like stuff. The end result is MUCH easier coding and less code duplication (it's no longer necessary to write custom gateway scripts to interact with git). The bottom line: easier to make it feature rich and intelligently interactive.

To see a full list of changes, refer to the CHANGELOG

Also, a list of what's planned can be accessed here: TODO

Please send comments, questions, support requests, etc. to the Git-tmbundle google group


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