Friday, March 28, 2008

Google is awesome

Google just granted the Git-OSX-Installer project page 50MB downloads, plus another 100MB in disk space, so we can now host the Git OS-X Install packages on Google Code. (and abandon the problematic free solution)

Thanks Google! We love you!

Now, if only, there was some way to reduce the file size of the installer. Right now, everything is compiling REALLY HUGE. The MingW guys have their package down to under 8MBs. Anyone have any suggestions?


Pieter said...

How about removing the debugging symbols? That should shave off a lot of megabytes.

Tim Harper said...

Great idea :) That knocked off an additional 1.6 MB. Now it's down to 3.2MB. Thanks for the tip!

Tim Harper said...

btw... for that last comment to make complete sense, I should mention that Johannes Schindelin with the Windows Git install project responded to me and informed me that git makes a plethora of hardlinks to the same file.

I switched the hardlinks to symlinks, and everything works just the same, but the installer size went from 50MB to 4.8MB.