Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New version of Campfire script out!

Lots has happened with the campfire growl script since it's release. Thank you for everyone who has supported me with positive feedback! You keep the open source community thriving!

Briefly, here's the news:
  • Todd Ditchendorf contacted me about including the campfire script in the next release of Fluid. The Fluid script bundle is here.

  • Technoweenie (Rick Olsen) extended the script to growl only when your name was said. What an awesome idea! I wanted more flexibility since I'm in several rooms that require different levels of attention. So, I added a configuration pane:

    • Growl only when someone says your name:

    • Want to watch multiple words? Use a regular expression! Kapow!

    • It's configurable per room

    • Settings are stored in a cookie

  • Also, Robby Russel posted some detailed instructions on how to install the campfire growl script. He did an awesome job, and I've got to add in, Robby is one cool cat. Initially, a lot of people got the impression that it was Robby's script (because his blog gets so much coverage than mine). When I wrote him about it, he quickly fixed it. Also, Todd is a stud too. He wrote up an article on his blog clarifying the matter. Thanks Todd! It's people like Robby and Todd that make open-source development fun and fulfilling.

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