Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun pranks

Yesterday's April Fools day was full of fun. My favorite jokes, in the following order:

Cobol on Cogs


This was my favorite one of all :) I got hours and hours of laughter with this one! My favorite was the excerpt under "Get Excited": Audio cassettes, screen-shots, and binders full of printouts! I remember the day when we used to get magazines full of printouts of computer programs so you could go and type them in on your own (note here Gentoo users: real programmers type in their own code for their operating system :P).

GitHub's SVNHub

What was especially funny about this one was that some people apparently thought it was serious!.

Google's Virgle


Google had two pranks that I'm aware of this year. I love Google and appreciate their consistent playful nature around this time of year.

I didn't find out about virgle until after the fact, but was my favorite of their two. I got a great kick out of their quiz.

Google "Custom Time"

Not nearly as great as Last year's gag, but still got a laugh or two.


I started this one, but it wouldn't have been fun without everyone who played along and had a good laugh with me. Essentially, XCodeMate installs a lot of EASILY REMOVABLE features into TextMate, all of which assign hot-keys in TextMate that open up Rick Astley's infamous video of Never gonna give you up. See, that's a feature? I'm never gonna give up on you code.

At first I had the bundle map enter, escape, tab, ctrl-option-command-b to Rick-Rollin commands, but I decided it was probably a bit too cruel and toned it down just a tad :)

Now back to seriousness!


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