Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VIM rocks at Textile

OK, so I am enamorated with VIM!

It so turns out editing Textile in VIM is quite awesome. Put your cursor over “h1.”, press CTRL-a, and whazam: you get “h2.” . If you use the surround.vim1 plugin, and want to bold the last three words: ‘v3bs∗’ (start selecting text, back three words, surround with ∗). If you want to turn 3 words into a link: v3es”f”a:http://google.com. Convert a series of lines (single spaced) into a list: <Ctrl-v>}I∗<Space><Esc>.

What is VIM lacking then? Well, how about Textile highlighting and a command to quickly preview or render your Textile you may say? Good thing there’s a TOTALLY AWESOME PLUGIN (shameless plug) for VIM to make that a thing of yesteryear!

And Now, Ladies and Gentlement, I Bring You:

Textile for VIM – Fun for the whole family!


  • Syntax highlighting (Thanks to the work of two very cool dudes, Dominic Mitchell and Aaron Bieber)
  • Preview Textile (\tp – whamo! See texile rendered in your browser! No need to save your file first)
  • Render Textile (\tr – open a new VIM tab with the rendered HTML, so you can paste it into your favorite blogging software that doesn’t support Textile, like Blogger, for example)
  • Render Textile to a file! (\tf)

1. if you use VIM and don’t have surround.vim installed, you really should DROP EVERYTHING and go install it


Unknown said...

Hi. So if I have some improvements on the Textile VIM plugin, how would I get them to you?
- Amir Karger

Tim Harper said...

Hi Amir!

Github would be the ideal way, have you committed your changes there?