Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bash Commandline editing

Back when I was at Lone Star Ruby Conference, Adam Stacoviak, a friend of mine that I met there, told me that I needed to do a screencast about bash. I didn't act on it until recently, at church, we had a lesson about how important it is to share with others what we know. That was enough to get me off my rear end and put something together.

One of my goals was to make it concise, trying to avoid wasting a lot of time saying things that didn't really contribute to the concepts conveyed. I've got to tell you, trying to produce a high-quality screencast is a lot of hard work! I managed to produce one that is only 13 minutes long, so I can't imagine the amount of effort that goes into producing a one-hour long screencast -- writing the script, recording this material, editing, polishing, and ensuring that the information is clear. If you have ever pirated a screencast, you are a really, REALLY big jerk :-) they deserve to get paid every penny they earn. (I'm going to be giving mine away for free, so you don't have to worry about that here. If it benefits you, pay it forward and do share something you know with the world)

I had the honor of publishing it through a site that my friend Eric Berry operates,, joining the ranks of a few other fine gentleman as publishers there. I recorded it with Camstasia studio for the Mac, having received a sponsorship license through Overall, it did the job, but I think it lacked a lot of key features that would have made editing less tedious. (Like being able to group clips together, for example)

Click here to view the screencast: Bash Command Line Editing